IV Spring Balkan Tour

Our friends at Murczin Offroad Technics Kft. went on a beautiful trip two weeks ago, here’s a short coverage:

In the spring of 2018, we organized a tour of the Balkans for the fourth time. The group was divided into two parts – race and tour. All participants could learn and experience the natural wonders of the Balkans. The participants set off from Blagoevrad in Bulgaria and were followed by the tour attendees. On the first day we drove the Bulgarian mountains to Macedonia, so that before the border crossing the group could visit the beautiful Rila Monastery, situated in the valley of the mountain Rila massif. Then we went to the Macedonian mountains to admire the landscape and turtles that we encountered on the mountain roads. It was a big attraction for children.

When we arrived at the hotel, we spread out in the car park and enjoyed homemade sausages and bacon, listened to old hits and tasted local Pálinky. We have strengthened the bonds of friendship.
According to the rules of the race, the holders of the passes had to continue their journey. They left late and it was not without problems. Two competing teams had to join forces to finish the journey – it’s always nice to see the birth of friendship in such conditions.
We visited Lake Prespa and Lake Ohrid. The first of them we admired from the top of the snowy mountains – a red-brown road leading to Lake Ohrid intertwined with silver fields – a stunning view.

Durrës in Albania, the finish of the race and the last point of the trip greeted us with a sandy beach and a beautiful hotel right on the Adriatic shore.
Each participant of the expedition and the race certainly brought a huge bag of wonderful experiences, was fascinated by the beauty of the landscapes and took with him a handful of memories that will evoke a smile on his face as soon as he thinks about them. Family atmosphere, comfort and joy have become the highlights of our expeditions!