The ultimate test of Moroccan desert – The Carta Rally 2018


The Off Road Rescue Team, consisting of over a dozen paramedics and doctors (general practitioners, surgeons, anaesthetists) who back up the drivers of Carta Rally. From the official event page: “The safety of participants in the desert is a priority on the Carta Rally. There were 1 helicopter, 3 medical 4×4 ambulances and 1 sprinter ambulance that followed the course of the Carta Rally 2018.”


Off Road Rescue Team again helped out during this event that is one of many this year. They participate in Breslau Rally (Poland), Balkan Rally, WRC Rally Poland, Baja racing and many others where they provide a medical support.


The team have to rely on their equipment, equipped with the best clutches, disc brakes, brake pads and stabilization available on the market. The parts underwent a really tough test, struggling with the huge temperatures, the sand of the desert and the harsh, backbreaking ride. It wasn’t the first time that the team took & tested our products in extreme conditions – they always came back satisfied and the equipment supports them critical moments.


Paraphrasing the old oath, that I think fits perfectly:
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night shall stay Off Road Rescue-Team from the swift completion of their appointed duties.

We are proud to support you!